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tuckerblog-200x188Jeff Tucker

In Central Texas born and raised, in the gymnasium is where he spent most of his days.  Hollow body, active shoulders, relaxin all cool; Doin back tucks and muscle ups outside of the school. Yeah, that was a Fresh Prince of Bel Aire intro…Epic.

Here’s the resume style list: Gymnastic Coach, Retired Fireman with the City of Ft Worth, Arson / Bomb Investigator, Police Officer, from Ft Worth TX for 20 years, Director of Texas Christian University Gymnastic/Cheerleading Instruction from 2001 – 2006, Academic Athletic Advisor for Texas Christian University, Holds degrees in Philosophy and History.

Here’s the Cliff Notes: Subject Matter Expert for CrossFit’s Gymnastics Certifications. Loves longhorns and whiskey, hates unicorns and orange mocha frappachinos. More of a cowboy than a ninja, but still pretty light on his toes.

Here’s the rest of the “Gang”buzzblog-e1332383680211-200x141

Jason “Buzz” Buzzard
CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Kettlebell

Jason is a stellar human being, great trainer, and an amateur competitive eater. He can crush steaks and WODs, just not at the same time.


Now, here’s Mr. Chuck Thompson:
Coach Chuck Thompson is VP of Operations for Dollamur (manufacturer of the mats you see throughout GSX), is passionate about Crossfit and has been at GSX since 2008.  He enjoys coaching Crossfit and teaching others how to better themselves through Crossfit.  ”It’s awesomesauce to see the pride, excitement and pure joy on someone’s face when they reach a new PR because of a
image-200x127small coaching tip I gave them.”  Chuck is also very passionate about proper nutrition and he focuses on following the Paleo diet.  ”You can’t out work a poor diet and with today’s resources on the internet and in print there just isn’t a legitimate reason for a crappy diet.” Crossfit has become a family affair for Chuck as you will see Chuck’s wife Sara and their girls, Avery and Mia, around GSX in the afternoons and on most Saturdays.  ”I believe anyone who joins GSX is taking a step to a healthier life style and I’ll do anything I can to help them achieve their goals.”

Crossfit Level 1 Certified
Crossfit Rowing Certified
Crossfit Olympic Lifting Certified
Crossfit Gymnastics Certified
Alexander Method of SMR Certified

Moving Along to Dane Wilson:

Born and raised in Fort Worth, I began crossfit some time ago in Austin and
immediately fell in love with it. I moved to Fort Worth shortly thereafter in an

attempt to join a gym close enough to crawl to Railhead bbq, post WOD. I was
inspired to begin coaching through my experiences in the gym and the want to
share my passion with others and help people achieve their goals and more. I am
currently a student pursuing a degree in Athletic Training. In the gym I enjoy coffee,
hateful music and barbells. Outside the gym I enjoy my dog, eating
and outdoor adventure time.
CrossFit Level 1 Certified
CrossFit Gymnastics Certified
CrossFit Endurance Certified
USA Weighlifting Level 1 Performance Coach


We also have the lovable Omar Bustos:

Born and raised in Fort Worth all my life, i am a relatively recent graduate of Paschal High School located in the south side of Fort Worth which is also where i reside.
20121001_143607-e1350400600593-200x150I was introduced to Crossfit through my brother who discovered it in Seattle during his miltary time, upon his return to Texas he set out to find a local box, found GSX, and a year later i joined him in an attempt to become a better athlete in wrestling.

Over the course of my first year there i realized i may not be very great at wrestling,but i seem to do this Crossfit thing pretty decently so i stuck with it from there, and after about a year of being a client i asked for a job opportunity and was given one, gaining a wide array of responsibilitys from cleaning, to dealing with billing, to eventually coaching!

Things i enjoy/do outside the gym are raise my pet pig “Oinky”, go to TCC as a part time student, and actively participate in church.