Option 1:

Come to GSX, in Fort Worth, TX and you will not only get the basic course, but also many added movements for your training and coaching needs. This course option will allow us to delve into multiple body movements, intermediate to advanced, on apparatus and with added tumbling movements, learning more body movements to develop a clearer understanding of gymnastics training.

The GSX facility offers a wide array of equipment and the required safety nets for the additional advanced movements being requested by the CrossFit community. In-ground trampolines, overhead suspension gear, ring trainers, matting, ropes, spring floors, rod floors, a tumbling pit, and an indoor and outdoor CrossFit training facilities.

The now legendary “Hell’s Half Acre” will allow for both indoor and outdoor CrossFit activities. All of the GSX Coaches and Tucker himselfs wish to offer you a true Texas welcome as we host a Saturday night cowboy brisket and barbecue, with all the fixin’s at no additional cost to you!

We have good relations with local hotels, from moderate to high end, so let us know your preference and we can point you in the right direction. Since we’re centrally located in the USA, allows for extremely competitive costs for travel so please let us know how we can be of service to you. Spend two full days with Coach Tucker and his staff of coaches from CrossFit GSX learning, practicing, and applying elements of gymnastics and learning movements you may not know you could do.

Whether you are a novice or accomplished CrossFit athlete, our coaching staff will teach you the necessary skills and drills for applying gymnastic elements for your workouts and personal goals but you will also walk away with the knowledge needed to be a better coach. Lectures will cover our current curriculum, added advanced skills, and more coaches staff for better one on one coaching in all the movements. Simply put, this is a more extensive course with more coaching, more skills, more fun, and helluva good time!

Option 2:

These are the regular “road show” courses that you already know and love. Tucker and his staff travel to affiliates around the world to conduct great two-day fundamental sessions in the gymnastics skills you need to become a better, more well-rounded athlete and CrossFitter.

Jeff R. Tucker – or “Tucker” to those who know him – is the CEO and founder of Global Sports Xtreme (GSX) in Ft Worth, Texas and he has a passion for teaching gymnastics. He and his staff will delve into basic and intermediate gymnastic forms in a lecture setting followed by practical application. Skills will be repeated until the student has satisfactory understanding of how to learn, spot and teach such methods safely. You will also be taught how to scale the movements until they become second nature. You don’t merely watch, or half-heartedly attempt such moves, you LEARN them, and through repeated progression and persistence you gain great rewards.

Tucker’s goal in this course is to aid CrossFitters in using gymnastics for strength development, core control, and WOD progressions. Result: the CrossFit community will become more engaged in using one of the foundational blocks for CrossFit workouts – Gymnastics.

You will be taught a wide variety of movements and techniques, including these and others:

  • Parralette work: handstands, L–sit, stretching, core control, handstand push ups, scalability of basic and intermediate movements, spotting, ROM/EROM training.
  • Rings: core training exercises, support work, proper hand placement, L-sits, iron cross progressions, dislocates, presses, muscle ups and muscle up drills, self spotting techniques, kips, handstands on rings, and conditioning.
  • Mushroom and bucket work
  • Bar variations: handstands on rings back levers, skin the cat, L-sit pull up variations, stretching, kipping swing, spotting techniques, bar muscle ups, scalability of all moves.
  • Handstands : HSPU’s, HS forward rolls, balance work, press to HS, L-sit to handstand, how to spot and scale this foundational part of the elements for WOD’s and newbies. hand placement, core control, strength development Planche – progressions on floor, rings and paralettes.
  • Tumbling (this is only offered in opiton one at GSX): Front flips, back flips, back handspring, walking on hands, balance work on hands, trampoline work.
  • Gymnastic overview
  • We will have an in depth lecture and video presentation throughout the two days with detailed information and discussion on gymnastic elements and the best application for such drills in CrossFit boxes and the community at large.
  • What do you need to bring? Athletic attire and an adventurous attitude! We look forward to teaching all comers and all skill levels how the