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The Pros of CrossFit for Women

Everybody needs a hobby, right? Regularly engaging in an enjoyable activity can benefit your mental health, improve your health, and even make you a better boss. But of course, not all hobbies are created equal. We happen to think CrossFit beats most of the others hands-down.

We openly admit that CrossFit isn’t for everyone. With that in mind, we’d like to take today’s post and discuss some of the specific ways CrossFit can benefit women.

A Quick Explanation

Most people who come to this blog already have a good notion of what CrossFit is, but for the uninitiated, here’s a quick summary: Developed by Greg Glassman, CrossFit has rapidly become one of the most distinct and popular fitness programs available. CrossFit utilizes a constantly varying set of functional movements, performed at high intensity.

By “functional” movements, we’re talking about a wide range of activity types that mimic real-world activities; by “high intensity,” we mean pushing the body to its limits. The combination is part of what makes the training technique so effective.

So what does it look like? A typical CrossFit routine incorporates many types of activities, such as stretching, weightlifting, endurance exercises, and other more. Your daily set of exercises is designed to  keep you body moving in different ways, using different muscles, throughout each program.

At the same time, your fellow CrossFitters are part of a community that will support you, encourage you, challenge you, and cheer for you.

It’s Good for Everyone …

CrossFit is popular because it’s effective. You’ll seldom find people who give it a solid try and say it doesn’t work: even those who say it’s not for them will admit to its benefits. It’s a fast, efficient way to not only train your body, but help build relationships. It’s hard to get bored, because the workouts are dynamic. When you’re doing CrossFit, you’re not just going to the gym to lift weights or climb steps; the program mixes so many different exercises that each day brings something new.

Having said that … your overall health will certainly improve. Stamina, strength, coordination, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, accuracy, endurance … all of these areas are touched on through the CrossFit routines. Your heart will be stronger, your joints will be more limber, and your tension will drop. Plus, because you’re learning the proper ways to lift heavy things off the floor and hold them overhead, your risk of injury in your everyday life can drop significantly.

Benefits for Women

All of the above benefits work for both men and women, of course. But there are specific pros that are more relevant to females.

For example, your metabolic rate is the chemical process converting energy into bodily functions such as keeping your organs working, repairing cells, digesting food, and the like. Statistics show that women who engage in a long-term weight training programs could be a key to helping you burn calories more effectively.

CrossFit can turbocharge your metabolism leading to two distinct advantages:

  1. Weight Loss – Face it, one of the perks of any type of exercise is less flab. Research suggests that following this regime could help you to lose significant amounts of weight on the road to that lean and toned physique we all crave. The dynamic nature of CrossFit is so effective at this because it attacks body fat stores fast while also offering time to rest and recover. Which brings us to the second key advantage:
  2. Muscle Growth – OK, so you’re not really looking to “bulk up.” No problem. Oh, you’ll gain muscle all right, but it will be in a much more subtle way: More Wonder Woman, less Incredible Hulk. Your body starts to tone up and look leaner than before; as your fat levels decrease and your muscle builds, you’ll find you have more strength and endurance as well as more definition in important areas.

CrossFit also helps fight high cholesterol, which is typically more problematic for women than men. The short bursts of high-intensity training that define CrossFit can be instrumental in reducing blood sugar levels and improving cholesterol.

Finally, research suggests that breast cancer survivors could benefit from engaging in low-level CrossFit-style workouts. Weightlifting—a core element of CrossFit—has been shown to help decrease the hand and arm swelling often resulting from the onset of lymphedema. Of course, you’ll want to consult with your primary physician before entering any workout program.

Go CrossFit!

Overall, CrossFit is an excellent choice in terms of a hobby. If you’re ready to embark on a whole new fitness journey, CrossFit is the way to go.