First Time Visitor

So, you’ve stumbled across our home on the web, awesome. As a first time visitor there are probably a ton of questions that you have about GSX
rings_l-sit and CrossFit. This page will have everything that you need to know to get you up to speed.

What is CrossFit?

Here’s a brief synopsis:

CrossFit is a “broad, general and inclusive” fitness program. It welcomes all levels, beginner to professional.

It is a core conditioning program designed to create an adaptational response. Crossfit is not specialized fitness, but a plan that optimizes athletic prowess in the ten areas of fitness.

Crossfit trains functional movements at high intensity.
Due to these intense, varied modes of training, Crossfit has become the preferred training method for soccer moms , fitness enthusiast, soldiers, law enforcement, firefighters, athletes of all levels and weekend warriors.

dan_cobb_rings-300x200Our work out of the day or WOD’s, are designed to be energetic, fun, intense, but more importantly effective! We also encourage our to re-examine their philosophy for nutrition and make better choices for eating. We inform them how proper nutrition will catapult our clients to recognizable results when looking at the scale or in the mirror.

Here is a link to  the “What is CrossFit?”

Still have more CrossFit questions? CrossFit FAQ

What is GSX?

GSX is Global Sports Xtreme Athletics, feel free to take a look at the GSX Homepage. We are Fort Worth’s only true full service athletic facility. Currently we offer not only our CrossFit program, but also: tumbling, gymnastics, cheerleading, and Tae Kwon Do coaching and instruction, summer camps, Mother’s Morning Out, Parent’s Night Out, and birthday parties. Whew, that’s a lot. The point is, GSX has something to offer every single member of your family, from your youngest son or daughter to your parents.

Why Choose GSX CrossFit?

Choose GSX CrossFit for our unmatched facilities and our exceptional training staff. Join us in your quest for health and fitness for the
regional_pull-up-199x300atmosphere, intensity, and excitement that our group workouts provide. Come become a part of GSX CrossFit because it is so very much more than simply a gym membership.  We are a community. We are a family. Do you know all the other members of your current gym on a first name basis? Do your current trainers communicate with you via email, text, and Facebook? Don’t you owe it to yourself to see what that kind of gym experience is like?