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5 Quick Reasons to Consider CrossFit

Let’s start by saying that CrossFit, despite its upsides, is not for everyone: while just about anyone could benefit from the exercises, there are some personality types that just don’t seem to mesh well with the program itself. Even devotees will admit to this (albeit begrudgingly).

What drives CrossFit fans crazy, however, are the people who dismiss the program out of hand, without even looking into the possibilities. There are zealots, to be sure, but the fact is, even current couch potatoes should consider the constantly varied, high-intensity mix of cardio, weightlifting and gymnastic movements. You may’ve heard excuses why you shouldn’t give it a go; here are some reasons you should take the time to see if it’s right for you.

  1. Measurable results, without the tape measure

How do you know if a diet or exercise regimen is working? You step on the scales and measure your waist, right? With CrossFit, not so much. The program is more about metrics: the average CrossFitter uses a notebook or app to track personal records for specific workouts and lifts. This gives a measurable timeline where you can see your strength and stamina improve over time.


  1. CrossFit exercises work in the real world

Unless you’re shooting a Mission: Impossible sequel, the odds of you ever having to pull yourself to safety by your fingertips on the side of a sheer cliff are slim. Climbing stairs, carrying your kid to bed, or changing the bottle on the office water cooler, however, are things you do in real life, and CrossFit is designed to help with that. The exercises focus on functional movements: short sprints, hefting boxes, and carrying cumbersome objects. CrossFit is training for the real world.


  1. Always efficient, never boring

CrossFit routines consists of a mixture of various high-intensity movements. Your coach will make sure the class is constantly moving … which means if you’ve only got an hour to work out, CrossFit will give you the most bang for your buck that could include push-ups, running, rowing, handstands, and more. Sessions are designed to provide maximum efficiency … and never give you a chance to get bored.


  1. Built for vanity

Vanity’s a sin, right? Well, in excess, sure. You may’ve even been able to convince yourself that you’re not vain at all … but check out your arms, stomach, and butt after just a few CrossFit sections, and we guarantee you’ll start thinking twice about covering up at the beach. The constantly changing routines ensure that every part of your body gets attention, leaving you with more muscle, less fat, and a turbo-charged metabolism.


  1. Personal training, without the trainer

Let’s be honest: CrossFit ain’t cheap. But neither is joining a gym … and with CrossFit, it’s much more likely that you’ll actually go, exercise, and see a return on your investment. Why? Well, our workout buddies will be your biggest cheerleaders, but they’ll also push you. And your CrossFit coach will get to know you and help you plan out your goals, and the best ways to reach them. Certainly there are times to set aside time for yourself, but the communal nature of CrossFit is like hiring a personal trainer–at a fraction of the cost.

CrossFit isn’t for everyone, perhaps, but it may be more for you than you realize. You’d be hard-pressed to a better path to fitness; if you’re looking for something new, CrossFit is worth a try.