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3 Benefits of CrossFit That Make It Better than a Gym

Since the year 2000, the concept of CrossFit has stormed across the globe, redefining what it means to be physically fit and adding things like WOD (Workout of the Day) into our lexicon. CrossFit offers a number of good ways to get fit … and the key word here is “number”: One of the reasons for CrossFit’s popularity is that it is based on variety.

According to this article, CrossFit’s strength and conditioning program includes “constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity.” In simple terms, if you’re bored with treadmills and weight machines, you have a good alternative.

If you’ve never tried CrossFit before, there is bound to be some trepidation. That’s understandable, but there are good reasons to not be scared: Everyone has to start somewhere, and another one of CrossFit’s benefits is the willingness to accept everyone at his or her point of comfort.

Note we said they would accept you there; they will not, however, allow you to stay there.

And that’s why you’re going, right? If you could get to the level of health you desire on your own, you’d just do that. But for most of us, getting truly fit requires a support group … and you’re not likely to get that in a gym.

Want more reasons to try CrossFit? Here are three very good ones:

  • CrossFit provides a support community

One of the surest ways to reach your fitness goals is dedication … and one of the surest routes to dedication is to know that someone is watching. Not only are crossfitters known for their dedication (some might say “obsession”) to the program, they’re also known for the supportive communities they create. In a society where it has become increasingly difficult to make friends as an adult, there’s something to be said for working out daily and being challenged by people who have a history of being on your side.

With CrossFit, you’re competing with yourself, not some professional gym rat. Here, the goal is not to be first so much as to go further. And you have a built-in fan club that wants to see you succeed.

  • CrossFit provides variety

Changing up your training routine not only helps you maintain interest, it works better. Chaos Training is shorthand for “keep your body guessing as to what you’re going to do next” … and frankly, it works. Just ask The Journal of Strength and Conditioning, which found that switching up your training programs results in more efficient than more conventional static training, particularly when it comes to producing strength gains in people who are already physically active.

Doing the same thing every day makes your muscles lazy. And we’re not just talking about exercise here: As one entrepreneur put it, “No matter how much you love it, I don’t believe anything is sustainable if you don’t make time to recharge.” And one of the easiest and most productive ways to recharge is to simply switch gears.

  • CrossFit Delivers Results

The Ohio State University Department of Human Sciences did a study that attempted to quantify CrossFit’s alleged benefits. They recorded and analyzed body composition and aerobic fitness levels of volunteers over an extended daily training regimen.

Their results came as no surprise to program devotees: after ten weeks, participants were reported as having less fat, more muscle and increased VO2 max. The short answer is, CrossFit works.