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6 Things to Expect When You REALLY Try CrossFit

Some people are zealots for CrossFit, and there are some who have reasons they don’t like it at all. Nothing wrong with either of those camps: we’re all entitled to our own opinions. There are people who have never tried CrossFit, for whatever reason, and haven’t formed an opinion for themselves.

But there is another group, one which we feel treat the rest of us unfairly: those who gave CrossFit a half-hearted try, and now go around claiming that “it didn’t work.”

To balance those voices, we’d like to present a realistic look of what a person might expect by committing to CrossFit 5-7 days a week for 4 weeks:

Hard Work

Let’s just get that out of the way right up front: It will not be easy. A single CrossFit workout is strenuous–making yourself go through it on a daily basis is even harder. You just have to believe it’s worth the cost.

Weight Loss

It’s been said that losing weight comes in two stages: the first 90% you’re trying to lose…and the LAST 90%. Even if you work out fairly regularly, you’re still likely to hit the weight-loss plateau, where you can’t seem to rid yourself of those last few pounds–you know, the ones that are hiding the muscle you already have? Stick to CrossFit, however, you can expect those last pounds to finally disappear.

Inch Loss

But we all know the scale isn’t everything. For maximum impact, some of that lost weight needs to be from specific problem areas, like your waist. In just a month of regular CrossFit, you can lose as much as an inch in belt size. That might not sound like an enormous change, but even dropping that small bit of belly can make you look and feel better. It’s called positive reinforcement. Face it: It’s normal to want to be perceived positively by others.


It will seem to happen all of a sudden. One morning you’ll be in the shower, soaping up your arms, and you’ll feel it: solid outlines where there used to be semi-solid gel. Or you’ll be combing your hair in the mirror and see just the slightest bit a bulge in your biceps when you flex–not “flex” as in a Schwarzenegger pose, but just the normal, everyday push and pull of routine movements. Because at its heart, that is exactly what CrossFit is all about.


Again, we’re not talking about body-builders, here: we’re talking about being able to squat down and pet the cat, then easily rise again–without using your hands. Having someone notice that your hugs feel more secure and satisfying. Carrying groceries in one trip instead of three. CrossFit will make you stronger–and having strength will make you more confident.


See if this sounds familiar: Get up, get to work on time, doing great…but by late morning, all energy is gone and you feel completely drained. Your brain felt foggy, you need a nap, and you start reaching for the chocolate and sugar in hopes of the immediate pick-me-up. That always backfires, of course, and the inevitable sugar crash leaves you even more tired and now packing extra empty calories. Don’t expect that scenario while you’re doing CrossFit: you’ll probably have more physical and mental energy, accomplish more, and feel less tired. Bonus: You’ll likely sleep better, as well, and even be less hungry.

It’s difficult, sometimes to make a change, and making a life-changing change even more so. But the rewards–increased confidence, health, and happiness–are so worth it. After a month of serious use, you’ll see why people become hooked on CrossFit.

And if you don’t want to keep going? Your choice. But at least you can honestly say you tried.