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CrossFit for Family Fun

Ah, family. They’re the people you love, even when you can’t stand them. They can make your day … or they can make your life miserable. They can show you the way … or show you the door. They can use your help … or use your credit cards when you’re not looking. The good and the bad, families share.

So why not CrossFit?

If staying fit is part of your overall goals, maybe it’s time to introduce your entire family to the overall wellness benefits of CrossFit training. Believe it or not, the disciplines of CrossFit may have something to offer for everyone in your family.

Any activity that can bring families together and get the kids out of smartphone zombie mode is a win, in our book. CrossFit certainly fits the bill. Let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits, some of the bad press, and reasons why getting your kids involved might be just what the doctor ordered.

CrossFit, Defined

Simply put, CrossFit is the sport–or maybe the art–of fitness. It features intensive workouts built around constantly changing sets of functional movements: in other words, the sorts of moves your body normally makes in everyday life.

Like martial arts, CrossFit is as much a training philosophy as a workout regime. Participants of all shapes and sizes are coached and encouraged to improve their physical well-being and cardiovascular fitness. Anyone, at any level, can join in without being judged: like love, CrossFit accepts you as you are … but refuses to let you remain static.

Without a doubt, a dedication to CrossFit will build your strength and conditioning in ways you never even thought about … but like any successful program, there is a certain amount of controversy involved, with some going so far as to say that CrossFit is actually dangerous.

There is a certain validity to this claim … but the same could be said for football, soccer, or tennis. With any intense physical activity comes the possibility of injury. Even dancing lessons can be dangerous, and believe it or not, cheerleading boasts one of the highest concussion rates of any high school activity.

But we’re not talking about CrossFit competitions or bodybuilding: we just want to show that, in a family environment, CrossFit offers a great, high intensity workout.

The Rewards of CrossFit

Research has shown that, minute over minute, constantly varied, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is more effective than low or moderate-intensity workouts. That means your body will receive more physiological benefits in less time, as compared to something like jogging.

HIIT is effective in boosting your metabolism, which can transform your body. Intensive intervals mean the muscles must continually adapt to the exercise load. Oh, and don’t let the word “intense” scare you: as we said before, workouts are designed your particular level of conditioning and ability, whatever that may be.

With CrossFit you will:

  • Get fitter, faster;
  • Lose excess body fat;
  • Build muscle;
  • Strengthen your cardiovascular system;
  • Gain greater joint flexibility;
  • Improve your self-confidence;
  • Gain much, much more!

CrossFit for Everyone

CrossFit is great for adults, but special programs emphasize fluid movement and balance throughout childhood and adolescence. Not only will your kids be stronger, they’ll be more agile and coordinated, as well as gaining flexibility and speed.

The point is to make exercise fun and regular part life at an early age. You’ll be able to demonstrate to your kids that fitness, while important, can also be fun. If they grow up associating working out as something both enjoyable and beneficial, they are more likely to make fitness a priority even as they grow to adulthood.

Overall, CrossFit is a great way to actively show children that you value health and fitness. On top of all that, you’ll find yourself growing together as a family, with a whole new group of friends.