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Why You Should Cancel Your Gym Membership and Join a Box

Gym memberships are ridiculously easy to get into. A well-orchestrated sales pitch, the promise of a ‘new you’ and a healthier lifestyle, and you may find yourself locked into a year-long membership costing you upwards of $150 monthly.

While most people simply nod their head and sign the contract, the small print includes information that will come in handy when you realize that the exhaustive list of classes offered and high tech exercise equipment don’t fit your schedule. Is it possible to get out of your contract without hiring a lawyer?

Most experts suggest that it can be done.

Getting Out of Your Membership

In the small print of your gym contract, it spells out the conditions that would allow you to cancel your gym membership. Most state regulations allow for the cancelling of your contract in the event of a disability, you move more than 25 miles away from the nearest facility, or if the facility stops offering services that are listed in the contract.

But what if you just want to switch to a new form of exercise? Or, what if you’ve decided to take lessons from Gary Cardone and focus on the fitness of your business and financial endeavors instead? Maybe you want to invest that gym membership money, which can sometimes be exorbitant, in something with a higher ROI. Can you still get out of your contract with the gym?

It depends.

If you felt pressured to sign the contract and regret it by the time you’re driving home. Most states have a short window of time when you can cancel. Check your contract, however. In many cases, the window for this type of cancellation is only a few days.

None of those situations fit?

The first step is to go into the gym. Since most gyms require cancellations to be handled in person, going in to speak with the manager is the right way to handle a cancellation inquiry. If you don’t have an injury or hardship that prevents you from continuing your membership, be honest about the reasons you wish to cancel.

Many managers are willing to freeze memberships, giving you the opportunity to try Crossfit without the additional expense.

Can You Just Stop Paying?

Let’s be honest. It is tempting to just simply stop going to the gym, and cancel your payments. While many gyms will simply cancel your membership after several months of non-payment, they may sell your debt to a debt collection service, subjecting you to harassing bill collectors and extra charges.

Joining a Box

Instead of committing yourself to a year of monthly gym payments that you’re not even using, consider joining a Crossfit box.

Crossfit is a total body workout program that offers variety and community that differs from what you find in a gym. With core strengthening, multi-joint movements, and other workout programs, Crossfit can give you the body you want, while having a workout unlike any you’ll experience in a gym.

You’ll find that the Crossfit community is a welcoming, exciting group of people who encourage you to push yourself to be the best you. Leave the gym…think inside the box.