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Most Notable Female CrossFit Owners

Women of all ages and from all walks of life are leaving behind the constraints of a corporate job and entering the workforce as entrepreneurs.

There is a wide selection of possibilities for women starting their own business, from home based parties to virtual assistants to homemade crafts. Some women, however, prefer a more hands-on approach to entrepreneurship and want to engage in a more active business.

Female Business Owners are Finding Great Success

Many entrepreneurs have sprinted into the fitness business, determined to turn their passion for exercise into a profitable venture.

As Monica Cardone pointed out, 30% of US small businesses are owned by women, totally 7.8 million entrepreneurial ventures. In some industries women-owned businesses bring in 12% more revenue than male-owned companies.

These four women are proving that entrepreneurship, like CrossFit, has a place for women and men.

Melissa Roza

The owner of CrossFit Sanitas, located in Boulder, Colorado, was determined to create a space where women would not only feel comfortable, they would feel welcomed. As a result, her 10,000 square feet gym is open and engaging for men and women of every age, shape and fitness level.

CrossFit Sanitas offers members specialty classes, including endurance, mobility, teen and Olympic lifting. In addition, there is childcare available seven days a week, a cold plunge pool and fully equipped locker rooms for members to use.

Roza realized that the intimidating reputation of CrossFit would keep people from coming to her gym, so she took away the potential excuses most people use to skip the gym. Nestled in one of the busiest retail centers in Boulder, CrossFit Sanitas is an example of how determination can help you stay physically fit and how women can turn their passion into profit.

Kelsey Torres

CrossFit enthusiasts in Los Angeles, California appreciate the dual membership they receive when they join the Golden State CrossFit gym. Thanks to the vision of owner Kelsey Torres, no member has to miss a WOD (workout of the day) – regardless of where they are in the area.

Torres has assembled an impressive roster of coaches; her team consists of former D1 players, gymnasts, football players and more. Within the walls of her gym, members can utilize dumbbells, rings, kettlebells, rowers, squat racks and more in their workout, all under the watchful eye of Torres.

Amanda May

Co-owner of CrossFit Frederick, Amanda May is part of the driving force that introduced Frederick County, Maryland to cross fit. Her gym offers members over sixty classes per week, led by instructors from all walks of life.

The unique approaches of the coaching staff to encourage members to stay active make the gym a cooperative, safe environment where men and women can feel comfortable and empowered.

Storm Kaufman

The 13,000 square foot gym in Pembroke Pines, Florida is packed with equipment. According to owner, Storm Kaufman, that is by design.

The indoor/outdoor gym offers members climbing ropes, atlas stones, ab mats, gymnastic ropes and more. Outdoors, there is plenty of space for tire flips, sled pushes and more to complete a member’s workout. Ensuring that no one has to miss a workout due to childcare concerns, there is also a kid’s room in FreakingCrossFit.

Today’s entrepreneurial women have more opportunities than ever before. Using their passion for fitness, the CrossFit business owner has the satisfaction of helping people build a healthy lifestyle while building a profitable firm.