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Guidelines for Setting Your CrossFit Goals

CrossFit is all about improving your performance and measuring the results. So, setting goals and sticking to them is an important part of the overall exercise philosophy. Sometimes goal-setting can be hard, so read on for some guidelines to get you started.

1. Think about what you want.

Why are you doing CrossFit in the first place? Do you want to increase your strength? Your self-confidence? Do you want to beat your brother at arm wrestling? Think about what you want out of CrossFit to get yourself started.

2. Be specific.

Setting precise, specific goals will make it much easier for you to track your progress and feel accomplished when you reach your goal. Whether you want to be able to do fifty chin-ups, run a 10K, or fit into your old skinny jeans, be sure that your goals are specific.

3. Attach deadlines.

Deadlines can be the kick in the seat that you need to get out and work toward meeting your specific goal. Attach a date that you would like to accomplish your goal by, make a timeline, and start working toward it.

4. Break your goals up into manageable pieces.

Some goals are big and take a long time to accomplish, so help yourself out by setting a series of smaller goals that eventually lead to meeting the big goal. Meeting several small goals will still keep you feeling positive and confident as you work toward meeting the big goal.

5. Write your goals down.

There is a certain power in writing goals down. Once you have a written list, you have a physical thing to return to when you need a boost or a reminder of why you are working so hard at CrossFit. Keep your goals visible so that you are reminded of them every day. Use affirmative (not negative) language when you write to keep your list upbeat.

6. Share your goals with others.

Whether you have a gym buddy or a supportive friend, share your goals. That way you have someone else cheering for you and you will also be held accountable to keep on working toward those goals. CrossFit is a community-based exercise, so don’t hesitate to reach out to your community if you need some extra support.

7. Remember that goals are not static.

Once you have created your list of goals, keep this list handy as a reference point to track your progress. However, as you make progress, don’t forget to set new goals. Always have something new to work toward so that you are constantly striving for improvement.

CrossFit training is tough, but you will be more likely to stick with it and get more out of it if you set goals from the get-go. Use these guidelines to get you started and feel free to share your CrossFit goals with us too!