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Best Magazines for CrossFit and Weight Loss

The CrossFit craze that swept the world in the early 2000s looks like it is here to stay. CrossFit is an exercise style that incorporates many different techniques and approaches to fitness and weight loss.

One of the best ways to mix up your exercise routine is to get a subscription to magazines that cater to the CrossFit lifestyle. We asked our friends at Priority One Clearing Services to recommend some magazines for CrossFit and weight loss. Here’s their list:


Health is published by Time Warner Company and includes tips for holistic healthy living, no matter what your schedule is. Whether you have five minutes or two hours, Health offers workout ideas for everyone.

Food and fashion complement exercise routines and are geared towards those with weight loss in mind. Subscribers receive ten magazines per year.


This magazine is targeted toward women who live an active lifestyle. Style tips, recipes, and personalized workout plans are included in every issue.

If you want to know the latest fashions in CrossFit and other fitness programs or tips on how to sleep better and find balance in your life, then this magazine is for you. Fitness subscribers get ten magazines per year.

Weight Watchers

Even if you are not officially part of Weight Watchers, the bimonthly Weight Watchers magazine is a great resource for anyone who is seeking a healthier way of living.

Weight Watchers covers topics ranging from food to fitness planning to inspiring stories of healthy living. Getting exercise is only part of weight loss and your diet is another factor, so Weight Watchers seeks to cover both of these topics and more.


Shape is one of Priority One Magazines’ best sellers for people interested in healthy living.

Shape focuses on fitness by giving thorough, how-to guides for exercises and by including scientific studies about health and wellness. Shape is a monthly magazine that will not only help you articulate your CrossFit and weight loss goals, it will help you stay on track.

Men’s Health

Many fitness magazines are geared toward women, but men are by no means overlooked. As the name suggests, Men’s Health caters toward men by addressing concerns and providing advice specifically for men. Men’s Health has a broad range of focus, including CrossFit exercise routines and tips for weight loss.

These magazines are all great resources for anyone of any age who is thinking about starting a CrossFit program or weight loss plan.

We hope the experts at Priority One Clearing will stop by again in the future to share tips on finding additional CrossFit resources. Check out what Priority One Clearing Services has been up to and support their efforts while they encourage ours!