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Why You Should Use Crossfit High Intensity Workouts Instead of Cardio

Starting a workout regimen by doing cardio is the standard way to start getting into shape. There are always joggers out in the morning on the sidewalk, or at the gym on the treadmills, and there are plenty of spinning and cycling classes available in every gym. If you’re about to start a new workout routine, however, you may be wondering if Crossfit High Intensity Training (HIT) is for you, or if you should stick with a low-intensity workout.

The Main Difference

Both of these methods (Cardio and High Intensity Training) of exercise are valid and can get you the results you want. It really all boils down to your results and how much time you have dedicated to exercise each week. Cardio training is a slow, steady burn that extends over a long period of time. Crossfit HIT is short bursts of intense workout designed to make the most of your workout time.

How to Choose a Workout Program for Your Needs

If you have only a short amount of time a few times a week to dedicate to exercise, then Crossfit HIT will fit into your schedule nicely. It doesn’t require long sessions; in fact it usually takes about fifteen minutes to complete. Cardio will take much longer.

What Results to Expect Over Time

Each of the programs have the pros and cons, but if you’re looking for weight loss and muscle gain then Crossfit is the way to go. Unlike cardio which encourages muscle loss in order to keep the body lean, Crossfit encourages muscle gain, targeting only the calories from fat for burning.

Over a long period of time your body may experience strain from both of these exercises, especially if you partake of HIT more than a few times a week. Giving 110% more than the recommended time can cause strain on your joints and muscles. Prolonged cardio, however, may produce “overuse injuries” or injuries that occur because of prolonged contact. For instance, your joints may weaken over time especially in your knees if you run frequently.

The Benefits of Crossfit High Intensity Training

Aside from feeling and looking better, Crossfit will help increase your metabolism, burn fat, help keep your heart healthy, and tone you into an overall healthy person. Plus your fat burning continues even in the period after your workout, which means more fat-burning for a shorter amount of time spent in a workout.

If you’re looking for a high intensity training session then Crossfit can help you reach your goals both with your body and your health.