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4 Benefits to Crossfit High Intensity Workouts

If you haven’t spent much time in a gym, you may not know that there are all sorts of different kinds of workouts for every kind of regimen. There’s cardio-centered spinning, yoga, kick boxing, and even free weights to fit into any schedule. The phrase “high intensity workout” may seem a little scary compared to some of the other exercises, but it’s really just one more way to burn calories and get in shape. The following are four benefits you’ll get from a Crossfit high intensity workout.

1. It’s efficient.

High intensity training (HIT) is remarkably efficient. Since it focuses on performing a variety of tasks at high intervals of weight and motion, it can be completed in shorter time spans which can be fitted better into your hectic work schedule. Instead of spending hours running on treadmills with no visible results you can spend fifteen minutes three times a week on Crossfit HIT to get fit and toned more effectively.

2. It burns more fat.

Of course you’ll burn plenty of calories during an HIT session, but that’s not the best part. You’ll also burn fat, specifically you’ll cause your body’s repair centers to go into overdrive. The result is that studies have shown people who perform the HIT session burn more calories and fat in the twenty-four hour period after their workout than a counterpart who engaged in a steady run.

3. It doesn’t require any equipment.

There are plenty of ways to engage in a HIT session without using any equipment. Trainers actually suggest you don’t use equipment like dumb bells while engaging in a HIT session because it can distract from the work you’re doing. In other words, it’s important to focus on the motion, not the weights, when performing the repetitions so that your body receives all the possible benefits of the routine.

4. You lose weight instead of muscle.

Since the Crossfit training routine utilizes building muscle mass and not engaging in a starvation diet, your body will work to lose fat rather than your hard-earned muscle. If you focused on cardio training then your body tries to shed muscle weight in order to get leaner. Crossfit encourages muscle growth and weight loss because of its HIT regimen.

By engaging in a Crossfit training session you’re pushing your body to meet a challenge, and you’re able to see results fast. There are plenty of other benefits like heart health and better metabolism, but the important part is the feeling you’ll get of accomplishing a high intensity workout and the results you get. You’ll feel better, look better, and be more confident in no time at all.