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Do less, but do it better.

Today is one of those days that you need to be involved mentally, be willing to measure progress in inches, and leave your ego at the door. Today is about the search for perfect movement.

25:00 “AMRAP-esque”
1 Perfect Squat Snatch (Use something that allows you to have clean and consistent footwork and lockout)
2 Perfect Clean and Jerks (Use the same weight as Snatch)
1  Perfect Muscle Up (If you can’t do a deadhang MU, work a progression or have someone spot you through it)
1 Perfect Handstand Pushup (If you can’t do a strict, full ROM HSPU, work a progression or a full negative)

During this, rest as much as needed. Don’t try to be a whiteboard hero or try to get 100 rounds. Work on becoming fundamentally better.

Supplemental Work
Comp Team:
Strength Bias:
400m Farmers Carry (Heavy)
100 Back Extensions

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